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Friends of Catch Nature was formed in 2001and is now one of the most popular angling organisation in Tameside. We have work with Rolland Bardsley home, Morrison’s plc and Tameside MBC in the designing and management of old mill ponds with in Tameside for angling activity. Our professional management strategies have already been applied to the above sites and have proven to be very successful.


 Our aims are to provide better angling facility to the local community were the can enjoy their sport in a safe and secure environment. Our professional coaching activity for juniors and youth groups from all over Tameside will benefit from our service we will provide.


The building and design feature of all our development incorporate suitable access for people with mobility and/or sight impairment. The access details include car parking, toilets, pathways and fishing platforms.

Future management of the site.

The future management plan of all our waters will be to run as professional coaching venue which intends to provide coaching for all ages & abilities, and also run Junior angling events for local schools and youth groups.

The project aims to:

  • Provide angling facilities for the community in Tameside.
  • Enhance the visual appeal of the lakes and their surroundings.
  • Improve water quality.
  • Increase ecological.
  • Increase awareness of the need to manage urban lakes.
  • Giving the community the opportunity to enjoy their local environment.
  • Develop a sporting/training opportunity for young people through angling.




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Tameside fox takes silver at the 2010 junior Nationals


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